About the Campaign


Bardsley Youth Project has been a registered charity for six years On 12 July 2019, working with homeless young people age 16-25 in Coventry. Our project has existed for around 15 years in total. We see about 20% of those who approach the Council and are turned away with little help as they do not fall into a priority need group. We help the young person to get somewhere to live, equip it and keep it, doing all that we can to enable them to do all that they can. 


With this campaign we aim to highlight the issue of 'sofa surfing' in young people and also increase awareness of our project. 90% of the young people we first meet who are homeless are 'sofa surfing', staying with friends or relatives, invisible to the general public who often perceive rough sleeping to be the face of homelessness. 

Our idea is to get a blow up sofa into as many well known and unusual places in Coventry over six weeks - we have thought of nearly 60 places from landmark sites to places where young people have slept rough and wacky places where you wouldn't expect a sofa to be! Photos will then be put on social media over six weeks starting July 12th, with facts and figures about sofa surfing and youth homelessness in Coventry. Fun activity to highlight a serious topic!