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At Bardsley Youth Project we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our young people. This means we are person-centred and the support we provide a young person with varies depending on their needs, experiences and  aspirations.

Housing Support Drop-ins :

We provide weekly drop-ins at Bardsley house where young people aged 16-25 can drop in to ask us any housing related queries. We also provide entertainment such as pool, Xbox, games and table football, for young people to play while they wait to speak to a member of staff.

Young people often come to these sessions for support with the following:

  • Understanding their house hold bills ( for example, they might bring us their council tax letters to go over with them)

  • Applying for benefits

  • Setting up and using their home finder account to search for and bid on social housing

  • Finding accomodation - If they do not have accomodation, or their existing accomodation arrangements are not safe, permeant or suitable (for example, if their supported accomodation provider only offers short-term accomodation, they are sofa surfing with different friends every night, or they are worried they might be evicted of kicked out)

The entertainment side of the session also allows young people to interact with other young people, creating a valuable sense of community. We often invite organisations from outside Bardsley to interact with the young people, telling them about the events, programs, training  and support they can offer.

You can see pictures of our youth space bellow.

We also offer a similar drop-in service each week at a local supported accomodation facility - helping young people maintain their tenancy, household-bills, or finding accomodation for when they leave supported housing.

1:1 Support 

Our Engagement team are here to support young people through out their time of need.  We support young people to find their way around the housing system, the benefits system, looking for a job or training etc.  We can refer them to supported housing and support them to make a homelessness application to the local council.

We also offer emotional support and guidance and take the time to chat to and understand a young person and they support they feel they need. 

We support them by going with them to appointments, being there for difficult phone calls of helping them to fill in forms they find confusing.

The engagement team prides itself on fulfilling the Bardsley moto of "Walking with Young People".

Clothing Bank

When young people come to us many of them might not have the money to buy clothing, or may have had to abandon most of it if they are fleeing an unsafe environment or were not able to afford to transport their belonging.


If they are short of clothes, we have a small clothes bank where they can come and get free clothing.  Most of it has been kindly donated, but items such as underwear we always buy new, as well as things our young people need that we don't have in our donated stock.


We are working towards the clothes bank becoming a swop shop where young people can donate unwanted clothing as well as find something "new to you".

Furniture, Kitchen Starter Packs & Hygiene Packs

When young people do get a home of their own it is unfurnished.  We help young people apply for benefits. We also help them apply for government grants to furnish their homes but this can take anything up to 11 weeks to be processed, so in the meantime they need basic items to be able to live and succeed in their new home. 


We provide kitchen packs which consist of all brand new items that they would need to be able to cook and keep their kitchen clean until community support grants are processed. Kitchen packs include a microwave and George Foreman style grill so they will not go hungry for want of being able to heat up food.

We provide hygiene packs which consist of essential personal hyenine products during this time too - such as shampoo, bodywash, soap, flannels., feminine hygiene products and essential men's grooming items. 

We are able to help young people out by giving them furniture which has very kindly been donated to us by members of the public. We are also able to offer other items on a loan basis until their grant comes through such as a bed, fridge and freezer.

Bardsley Youth Project (BYP) Youth Homelessness Charity Coventry Provide Kitchen Packs with Essential Kitchen Items for Young People Who are Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness in Coventry

Food Bank & Parcels

We have our own on-site food bank, giving young people the choice as to what we put in their food parcels. We will also on occasion deliver food parcels for those who can not attend the centre for any reason. 

We offer food parcels for young people who are moving into supported housing that have not yet been able to make a claim for benefits. This helps them to survive the few weeks until they make a claim and get a payment.

Food parcels can also be used to help out young people who are in tenancies but have had an unexpected expenditure and find themselves low on food.


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At Bardsley we are keen to get involved with business's in the local community. So, whether you are considering us as your charity of the year, or looking to do one off charity events that make an impact on young people in the local area we would love to hear from you!

Coventry Building Society Community Partnerships CSR first branch visit by Bardsley Youth Project Coventry Youth Homelessness Relief and Prevention Charity - Charity of the Year Corporate Fundraising

Visiting Coventry Building Society (Tile Hill) who have made us their charity of the year. They have been actively raising money for us at various events throughout the year including  their Jubilee cake sale and summer raffle.