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Regular giving

At Bardsley Youth Project your donations enable us to make a difference in the lives of young homeless people in Coventry.

For some that's 1:1 support for obtaining accommodation, for others it's emotional support because their journey up to this point has been rather difficult! With our own on-site food, furniture, and clothing bank, kitchen starter, hygiene, and wash packs, we set our young people up for success. We are focused on empowering young people and supporting them to flourish.

Regular Giving is the Simple Way to Make Big Difference

Did you know that regular giving is one of the most effective ways to support a charity?

When you make a monthly donation, you provide the charity with a reliable source of income that they can use to plan for the future and deliver their programs and services.

If you are interested in helping Bardsley support those experiencing youth homelessness in Coventry on a regular basis, you can download a standing order form from our document centre. We can also mail you a paper version if you email

Thank you for your support!

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