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 Homelessness Support

We walk with young people as they journey forwards, providing the practical and emotional support they need to gain the skills and confidence to find accommodation and keep it.

What support does Bardsley Youth Project offer young people?

Food Parcels:


We offer food parcels for young people who are moving into supported housing that have not yet been able to make a claim for benefits. This helps them to survive the few weeks until they make a claim and get a payment.

Food parcels can also be used to help out young people who are in tenancies but have had an unexpected expenditure and find themselves low on food.

We can supplement our food parcels with food bank vouchers if required.


Furniture Bank:


We are able to help young people out by giving them furniture which has very kindly been donated to us by members of the public.  When young people do get a home of their own it is unfurnished. We do help them apply for government grants to furnish their homes but this can take anything up to 11 weeks to be processed, so in the meantime they need basic items to be able to live and succeed in their new home.  We provide kitchen packs which consist of all brand new items that you would need to be able to cook and keep your kitchen clean until your community support grant is processed. Kitchen packs include a microwave and George Foreman style grill so you will not go hungry for want of being able to heat up food.

We are also able to offer other items on a loan basis until your grant comes through such as a bed, fridge and freezer.


Clothes Bank


If you are short of clothes, we have a small clothes bank where you can come and get free clothing.  Most of it has been kindly donated but items such as underwear we always buy new.  We are working towards the clothes bank becoming a swop shop where you can donate unwanted clothing as well as find yourself something "new to you".

Wash Packs

The Bardsley Youth Project provides young people with Hygiene packs that consist of all of the items women and men need to keep themselves clean.  We found a lot of young people struggled with the cost of affording basic hygiene items when they lost their accommodation or were waiting for benefit claims to come through. We created hygiene packs that would last for 4 to 6 weeks for young people to take care of themselves. We wanted to lessen the impact of poor self-esteem that you may experience if you do not have the means to wash, brush your teeth and take care of your menstrual needs.


1:1 Support


Our Engagement team are here to support you through out your time of need.  We can support you to find your way around the housing system, the benefits system, looking for a job or training etc.  We can refer you to supported housing and support you to make a homelessness application to the local council.

We offer emotional support and guidance and will be able to have the time for a chat with you.

We can support you by going with you to appointments being there for difficult phone calls of helping you to fill in confusing forms.

The engagement team prides itself on fulfilling the Bardsley moto of "Walking with Young People".


All of our services are free

We accept both professional and self-referrals

If you are a young person head to our young persons hub to find out more.

If you are a professional please see more detail about making a referral here

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us.

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