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‘I really am not happy at home so I am just going to move out and get a flat with my mate.’


Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


The reality is that unless you are at risk it really is much better to stay at home and try and leave in a planned way, getting your accommodation set up before you leave home. The process of finding accommodation and sorting out the finances to keep it can take many weeks and being homeless in the meantime will be very hard. We can help you to plan to leave.


If you have to leave home in a hurry, ask family and friends if you can stay with them until something is sorted out. It may be worth going back home and talking things through, something we can also help you with.

When you leave, try and take as many of the following items as possible – this will help w

If you have nowhere to stay tonight, phone the council on

024 7683 4025 or go to the council’s Customer Service Centre which is in The Precinct, just off Broadgate behind Starbucks.


Get in touch with us for help

We will walk with you as you move forward, helping you find accommodation and keep it.


We can help support you….


  • Advice about housing options and benefits

  • Help with form filling and applications

  • Internet and phone access

  • Referral to specialist agencies if needed

  • Mediation to help you return home if appropriate

  • Accompanying you to appointments

  • Liaising with and referrals to other agencies to find solutions

  • Support for you in accommodation to help you maintain your tenancy – money management, life skills and emotional support


We also offer practical help….


  • Food bank tailored to cooking with only a kettle, as well as basic toiletries

  • Furniture bank of donated beds, sofas etc to help set up your first accommodation with basic needs

  • Household goods – donated crockery, utensils etc

  • Clothing bank

  • Laundry facilities

  • Shower room


All of our services are free. We will work alongside you, working in your best interests and will not contact people or organisations you don’t want us to.

For more information for young people head over to our young persons hub.

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