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Bardsley Youth Project & Centrepoint Bursary Breaking Barriers to Education for Homeless and At-Risk Young People in Coventry

We're excited to share some positive words from one of our Young People 🌟

Quote from Coventry Young Person After Support from Bardsley Youth Project To Apply To The CenterPoint Bursary Scheme: I just wanted to thank the team at Bardsley Youth for everything that they have helped me with and especially with the new laptop that they have given to me to help with my studies I'm really grateful for all their support that I have needed these past couple months too

We want to highlight that providing this Young Person with a laptop for college wouldn't have been possible without the Centrepoint education bursary scheme. We applied for it on the Young Persons' behalf. Thanks to Centrepoint's efficient and timely support, our team quickly secured the bursary, ensuring minimal disruption to the Young Person's educational goals.

This really highlights how homeless prevention work isn't always what you might think. Sometimes it's making sure that Young People who have to start out on their own for some reason, without the backing of their families' finances, have access to the same opportunities as other young people to go after their career goals.


For more information on CenterPoint bursaries follow this link:


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