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Empowering Charities: Bardsley and Warwick Events Collaborate on Training Topics for Businesses Train Charities Event

Our partnership with Warwick Events flourishes as they continue to provide invaluable support, aiding our charity's growth through their mentorship. Recently, we were excited to collaborate with them on the 'Better Together' charity training event, alongside Gallagher  Security and the Hansgrohe Group. This initiative aimed to empower charities with skills drawn from successful businesses, addressing crucial gaps in the sector's training landscape. We felt honoured that Warwick Events reached out to us for inspiration on training topics as their partner in the charity sector.

Seeing our corporate partner extend their expertise to benefit other charities in the community filled us with immense pride. The day served as a beautiful culmination of the efforts contributed by all parties, including the attending charities. Together, we exemplify the spirit of 'Better Together', nurturing collective success and impact.

Witnessing the impactful collaboration between Bardsley Youth Project, Warwick Events, and other businesses highlights the immense potential of corporate-charity partnerships. It's truly inspiring to see how such collaborations can provide mutually beneficial outcomes, driving positive change in our communities. As we continue to strive for greater impact and reach, we invite other businesses to join us in this journey. Partnering with Bardsley Youth Project not only benefits our organizations, but also has the potential to extend beyond. Interested businesses are encouraged to initiate partnership discussions by reaching out to Rachel at Together, let's create lasting change.

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