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Our Impact on Youth Homelessness in Coventry : Equipping & Empowering Young People for a Brighter Future

Updated: May 22

Our Young People are not just homeless Young People; they are young people who happen to be homeless with all the same ambitions and needs of any young person - but these have been put on hold to cope with the struggle of not having a home. Each young person is unique in the barriers they face. Through group and 1:1 support, we encourage them to identify their needs and work with them to develop the skills and confidence to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future. This is key to helping young people move on to confident adulthood.

The results speak for themselves. A recent survey showed that 70% of Young People we support said their accomodation situation had improved after working with us. This newfound security allows them to focus on other areas of their lives. Financial literacy is critical, and 91% feel more equipped to manage their finances after working with us. Gaining these skills empowers them to make sound financial decisions and build a secure future.

But the impact goes beyond just the immediate. 80% of Young People reported feeling better equipped to avoid homelessness in the future, showing the long-term impact of the support we provide. It's not just about survival; it's about overall well-being. Homelessness & stress have a huge impact upon it. However, 80% reported improved health after working with us, and a 82% experience increased motivation, a vital ingredient for achieving their goals!

Equipping Young People for success goes beyond basic needs such as food, water and shelter. 41% have taken up training programs, and 50% of Young People we help find employment as a result of our support, giving them the skills they need to find meaningful employment, a life-changing step towards self-sufficiency.

But the impact doesn't stop there. We are proud to see a reduction in substance misuse by a 77% and a reduction in involvement with crime and anti-social behavior by 61%. These numbers highlight how we support Young People to build a brighter future, not just for themselves, but for their communities as well.


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